Vocabulary Terms

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This is a living document that tries to capture the current set of frequently used vocabulary terms across organizations and projects. The lists of terms are not intended to be complete or all-encompassing, but starting points to use in data production and software development.

The data model does not require the use of these terms, or any other specific terms, however if there is reasonably widespread re-use of the same terms, then that gives a good indication that they are valuable and understandable. As such, if they are broadly adopted, the process of mapping real data into the model and the development of both server and client software that implements the model for users becomes significantly easier.

If the term plus class is not self-evident as to how it should be used in the model, then a description of its usage is provided in the tables below. This should not be confused with the scope notes or description of the term itself ... it applies to the usage in the linked.art context, rather than being a general description of the concept.

This should (still, somehow) be auto-generated from data, and use emerging consensus. The current starter lists are from the Getty Provenance Index, Getty Museum, and the American Art Collaborative data.


These classifications used to futher clarify the type of a resource. The reference is found in the classified_as property of the resource. The lists are divided up per class of resource, given in the type property. In general, please see the common patterns.