Linked Art at the CIDOC Conference, 7-10 December 2020

The Linked Art community is running a series of workshops and a panel, detailed below, at the online CIDOC Conference 2020, organized by the Museum of Art and History of the City of Geneva.
Join us to discovery more about Linked Art and what it can offer you and your data!

All CIDOC 2020 sessions, including the Linked Art ones, are free to attend but require registration in advance via the CIDOC Conference website.
All sessions are online. All times are CET (Geneva time).

Monday 7 December

Workshop: Linked Art Introduction (18:30-19:30 CET)

Conference Channel 4

Workshop: Mapping data into Linked Art (19:30-20:30 CET)

Conference Channel 4

We encourage attendees of this workshop to bring their own examples to the workshop on Wednesday.

Tuesday 8 December

Working groups: CRM - Linked Art joint meeting (16:15-17:15 CET)

Conference Channel 3

Joint meeting of the CRM and Linked Art working groups/editorial board to discuss overlapping issues. Attendance is open to all.

Wednesday 9 December

Workshop: Linked Art mapping - bring your own example (16:15-17:15 CET)

Conference Channel 4

In this workshop, we will take tombstone examples suggested by CIDOC attendees, and map them into Linked Art during the session. Please bring a link or screenshot of your example to the beginning of the session; for inspiration, attendees can see a pre-chosen example of this activity in the Monday Linked Art workshop.

Thursday 10 December

Linked Art Panel (17:15-18:15 CET)

Conference Channel 3

Other presentations by Linked Art members

In addition to sessions specifically about Linked Art, a number of Linked Art members will be presenting papers at the CIDOC Conference which are related and relevant to Linked Art.

Session 2

Jonathan Lill (MoMA) “Exploiting Exhibition Documentation in the Museum Archives”

Session 6

George Bruseker ( and Anais Guillem (University of California) “Creative Process Representation: Extending the CIDOC CRM for describing and integrating data around the creative process”

Session 9

Sarah Amsler and Thomas Hänsli (Swiss Art Research Infrastructure SARI, Universität Zürich/ETH Zürich) "Le thésaurus AAT en Suisse : traduction et perspectives"

Session 12

Kristen Regina (Philadelphia Museum of Art) “Digital Transformation of Art Museums: A View to the Future”

Session 14

Nicola Carboni (University of Zurich, Swiss Art Research Infrastructure) and George Bruseker (Takin.Solution) “Representation for reference entity-types: introducing the Semantic Reference Data Models”