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The Linked Art Data Model is published and maintained by the Editorial Board under the CC BY 4.0 license.


The Linked Art Data Model is an application profile that can be used to describe cultural heritage resources, with a focus on artworks and museum-oriented activities. It defines common patterns and terms to ensure that the resulting data can be easily used and is based on real-world data and use cases.

The model is currently under very active development in the community and the documentation is shifting to keep up with the current decisions. While the basic patterns have been fleshed out thoroughly, as we investigate more use cases, the model should be expected to change to reflect these new discussions. The documentation is not always up to date with the discussions, and sometimes there are bugs in the rendering. Please bear with us while we do our best to ensure that the result is as considered, accurate and usable as possible.

The Linked Art Model

An index of all of the classes, properties and identities used:

Development of the Model

Model Background

Following the existing standards and best practices of the community, our starting point consists of the following background standards:

Scope and Process

Development Process

The desired target model for Linked Open Data in the Art domain is one with the following properties:

Successful models are developed:

For more information about how you can participate in Linked Art, please see the Community section of the website.

Scope Limitations